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Directives for the resumption of public Masses

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Updated 25 June 2020
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Mass, Confession and Adoration Times for this Week
Weekday Masses:
Monday – Thursday 7am - St. Ignatius Church
Friday – 7am and 6pm - St. Ignatius Church
Saturday – 8:30am - St. Ignatius Church  
Weekend Masses:
6pm - St. Ignatius Church
8am - St. Ignatius Church
8am - Loyola Hall
11am - Stella Maris (Cayman Brac) - Rosary followed by streamed Mass from Saint Ignatius
11:30am - St. Ignatius Church
(also live streamed on Facebook at St. Ignatius Parish – Grand Cayman)
11:30am - Loyola Hall
6pm - St. Ignatius Church
Friday - 5:00 - 5:45pm - St. Ignatius Church
Divine Mercy Eucharistic Adoration Chapel
Eucharistic Adoration - 6:00 am to 9:00 pm daily
Masks are compulsory.
Hand sanitizer must be used before entering.
Maximum of 8 persons (seats must be used; no standing.


1.    Necessary conditions for the resumption of Masses at any Church in Saint Ignatius Parish
a.    Face coverings/masks are to be worn by all parishioners in and around the Church. This is a compulsory requirement. You will not be allowed inside the Church or the Loyola Hall, if you arrive without a mask. The ushers will ask you to get one before entering.
b.    The Church facilities will be cleaned and sanitized using proper techniques before and after all Masses or worship gatherings.
c.     Physical distancing must be practiced in the Church and on the Church property at all times. This is also a compulsory requirement.
d.    As declared by the Cayman Islands government, Churches must prepare for physical distancing. Spaces for individuals and families will be marked off inside the Church. This will result in significantly less seats for parishioners than usual.
i.    This limit should allow people to remain at least 6 feet apart.
ii.    The Loyola Hall and the Saint Ignatius High School Courtyard will be used as an overflow for additional people desiring to attend public Mass on Grand Cayman.
1.    Adherence to strict physical distancing guidelines is a necessity in these additional spaces when used.
2.    Masks must be worn.

   Funerals and Weddings no longer require individual permission from Government’s Competent Authority and may take place with a maximum of 25 guests. Please contact Priests for more details.
3.    Infant Baptisms will be scheduled individually. Contact the Parish office for more information.
4.    RCIA Candidates will be contacted to arrange their full initiation into the life of the Church, through Baptism or a Profession of Faith, Confirmation and Holy Communion. These will take place at different Masses, so that proper physical distancing protocols can be observed.
5.    Weekday Masses resumed on Monday, June 22 at the regularly scheduled times.
6.    Confessions will be temporarily scheduled for Friday evenings from 5:00 – 5:45pm followed by Mass at 6:00pm.
7.    There will be no Mass at Christ the Redeemer until further notice. Sunday Rosary followed by a streamed Mass will take place at 11:00am at Stella Maris
8.    Eucharistic Adoration resumed on Monday, June 22.
a.    The Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel is open from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.
b.    Masks are compulsory.
c.     Hand sanitizer must be used before entering.
d.    Maximum of 8 persons (seats must be used; no standing).
9.    All faithful in the Archdiocese of Detroit are dispensed from their Sunday obligation to attend Mass through September 6th, 2020. It is important to note that parishioners who are sick are asked to stay home. Those who are 65 years and older and those who have health issues are encouraged to exercise caution in attending public Masses at their resumption.

General Information and Matters for Consideration

Those older than 65 years old, with a compromised health condition or those caring for the sick in any way, are encouraged to stay home. Anyone who is ill, has a temperature, cough, etc., should definitely stay home as an act of justice to the whole community.
Readers and Ushers with a respiratory infection of any kind should avoid serving at Masses until they are able to do so during this phase.

1.    Physical Distancing is to be observed and signified by signs, tape or other means. This includes both indoor and outdoor areas.
a.    Masses offered indoors will be limited in attendance due to the physical distancing restrictions set out by the Cayman Islands Government.
2.    Seating for the Assembly
Mindful of the imposed allowed limitations and the physical layout of the Church, the designated area where seating is permitted, will be labelled.
a.    Only alternate pews will be available for seating in the Church.
b.    Those living in the same household may sit together without distancing.
c.     For the distribution of Holy Communion, please follow the Priests’ instructions and the ushers’ directions.
d.    To the extent possible, those in line for Holy Communion should maintain a 6’ distance between each other and those in the pews.
3.    Signage
a.    Signs will be available to remind parishioners to wear a mask and to keep physical distancing. Signs will also be placed on the floor to mark off where Parishioners are to stand while in line for the reception of Holy Communion.
b.    Markers will be on floor where people will line up to indicate proper spacing between persons.
4.    Cloth face coverings (masks) are to be worn by everyone approaching church and inside church (except for those under 2 years old).
a.    The priest celebrant and other ministers need not wear masks or gloves during the liturgy given they are more than 6’ from the assembly during Mass.
5.    Collection: Collection bags should not be passed from person to person. Other collection points (e.g. boxes) suitable for the faithful to drop in their offerings may be provided. Ushers may also use collection baskets with extended handles to reach each Parishioner.
6.    Holy Water and Baptismal fonts remain empty.
7.    Music: Music is certainly important to our liturgical celebrations as it attempts to lift the soul and express our faith. The following will be considered as we plan to return to Mass in limited numbers while observing the required physical distancing.
a.    Because the faithful will be wearing masks, singing on the part of the assembly might prove challenging and ineffective.
b.    Health experts indicate that singing produces 6-10x more droplets from our mouths than recitation. Keeping singing for the assembly to a minimum is advised and the congregation should not remove their masks to sing.
c.     Worship aids, such as the readings and words to the hymns will be projected on a screen.
d.    A musician and a cantor will lead the singing at all the Masses.

8.    Cleaning and Disinfecting: To help stop the spread of the virus, effective cleaning and disinfecting is essential.
a.    Those assisting at Mass are to wash their hands before and after set-up for Mass as well as after Mass and clean up. Any and all vessels used at Mass must be cleaned with soap and warm water.
b.    Parishioners are asked to sanitize their hands as they enter and leave the Church. Ushers will be at the entrance doors to spray the hands of parishioners with sanitizer.
c.    Hand sanitizer is available throughout the Church to be used as needed during the liturgy.
d.    Parishioners are invited to bring their own supply of hand sanitizer to use before Holy Communion.
e.    Hymnals and missalettes have been removed from the pews to make it easier to clean and disinfect.
f.     Entrance and exit doors will be left opened before and after the Masses to minimize touching of doors.
g.    Both restrooms in the Church and the one at the Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel will be available for use.
h.    Parishioners are asked to use the exit door by the Tabernacle to access the restrooms. This way they will avoid being in the way of the Cantor who will be sitting and singing in front of the organ.
i.      Parents are highly encouraged to accompany their children to the restrooms. This way the children will use the restroom as quickly as possible and parents will ensure that proper hygiene practices are observed.
j.      During this time of pandemic parishioners are asked to avoid touching or kissing the statues, the crucifix and the tabernacle.
k.    After each liturgy, items used by the public, e.g. door handles, rest rooms, will be disinfected.
l.      Parish and maintenance staff will assist with cleaning observing the proper protocols.

Matters Particular

1.       Generally, the clergy will not be greeting parishioners before the Masses.
2.       Parishioners will only be able enter Saint Ignatius Church through the main entrance of the Church, facing Walkers Road.

3.      Parishioners must follow the directions of the Ushers when entering, sitting in the pews and exiting any Church or Loyola Hall.
4.       Please move to the middle of the pew if you are the first to sit in that row. This way, you will avoid others walking over or too close to you to get into the pew.
5.       Parishioners are asked to avoid any social gatherings before and after the Masses and to maintain physical distancing if you have conversations with anyone before or after the Masses.
6.       There will be only one Reader for each Mass.
7.       There will be no Altar Servers at the Masses
8.       Ushers will be scheduled for each Mass as needed.
9.       The offertory procession with bread, wine and water will be omitted.
10.       No physical sign of peace will be exchanged. A simple bow, etc.
11.   Dismissal and Recessional
a.    Ministers recess in the same way as the beginning of Mass, in single file.
b.    To avoid large numbers leaving at the same time, parishioners will be dismissed one pew or one section at a time.
c.     If the priest is greeting people after Mass, he should wear a mask and greet in a physically distant way.
d.     All vessels are to be thoroughly purified and cleaned with soap and hot water after every Mass.
12.   At all times, parishioners are asked to avoid entering the Sanctuary which is the elevated area of the Church where the Altar and Tabernacle is located. Only those who are Readers or Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion This will minimize the movements in the space and the need for extensive cleaning and sanitizing of that area of the Church before and after each Mass.

Distribution of Holy Communion

1)    At the start of Mass, and again at the time of Communion, the priest will explain how Holy Communion will be distributed.
2)    Distribution of the Precious Blood to the faithful is suspended at this time.
3)    Holy Communion will be distributed by the priest(s) only. At the Masses in the Loyola Hall, if needed there will be one Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion on standby.
4)    Holy Communion will not be distributed with gloves, nor may it be received in the hand if someone is wearing a glove. Instead, proper and diligent hand hygiene should be observed before and after distributing and/or receiving Holy Communion.
5)    The faithful should remove any masks and gloves as they approach the minster.
6)    Please move at a moderate, respectful pace when going up for Communion, intentionally maintaining physical distance from the person in front of you and standing on the markers laid out on the floor.
7)    If possible, the reverence and the verbal exchange could take place 6’ away.
  • The MARKER at the foot of the Altar is the place to stand while receiving Holy Communion. Please do not go to close to the Minister of Holy Communion as physical distancing must be maintained.
  • Bow – “The Body of Christ” – “Amen” – then step forward to receive.
8)    The faithful will be able to receive Holy Communion in the hand or on the tongue.
  • Receiving Holy Communion on the tongue could cause concern for some parishioners following behind (in the line for Holy Communion) about spreading droplets to the fingers of the minister via breath.
  • Those receiving on the tongue will go to the assigned Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC), who will be distributing Holy Communion only to Parishioners receiving on the tongue. The Priest will make this announcement before the Communion Rite at each Mass.
9)    Parishioners in need of low-gluten hosts are to contact the priest in the Sacristy by the main entrance as they arrive for Mass.

Dispensation from the Sunday Obligation

As parishes prepare to begin having public Sunday Mass, all the faithful in the Archdiocese of Detroit are dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass through Sunday, September 6th, 2020.

Although the faithful are dispensed from their Sunday obligation to attend Mass, they must observe the Lord’s Day and are encouraged to spend time in prayer on Sunday, meditating on the Lord’s passion, death, and resurrection (an excellent way to do this is through participating in a broadcast of the Sunday Mass) or participating in a spiritual or corporal act of mercy. Parishes are encouraged to continue making their Masses available via live stream during this time, in order to maximize accessibility to the faithful.

As we enter this new phase of response, keep in mind that although Sunday Mass participation may not be available, weekday Mass will provide other opportunities to celebrate the Eucharist.
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