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Fr. Theo's Bulletins

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Archbishop Allen Vigneron has announced that, with the concurrence of the Provincial Superior, Rev. Pedro Camilo Simones, SAC, Fr. Suresh, SAC, will take on a new assignment as Pastor in the Archdiocese. Fr. Suresh will be succeeded by Fr. Theodore D' Cunha, SAC, effective July 1st, 2019.

Father Theodore D’Cunha, SAC

My name is Father Theodore D’Cunha, but I am usually called Fr. Theo.  I am a native of Mangalore, a beautiful city in Southern India.  Mangalore is known as Rome of the East.  The Diocese of Mangalore has given thousands of priest and nuns as well as several bishops to India and the Universal Church.

I was born to a loving family of which I am the youngest of 10 children.  Unfortunately, I lost both parents at an early age, but grew up under the tender care of my oldest sister, Felcy.

As a little boy I was always close to priests and nuns, and their exemplary life attracted me to be a priest.  After completing high school, I joined the Pallotine Religious Order "SAC" (Society of the Catholic Apostolate).  Upon finishing studies for the priesthood, I was ordained on May 10, 1990.

I served as an associate priest in several parishes.  During those years I met amazing people of deep faith and found the challenges of ministry among the people.  After six years of active ministry in the parishes, I was appointed spiritual director of the young men who had just joined the seminary.  Later, I was assigned pastor at St. Francis Xavier parish as well as chaplain of the Seafarers in Goa, a beautiful tourist destination in India. After I had served as a pastor for seven years, my superiors sent me to the United States to help out in a Pallotine parish in Sarasota, Florida.  In May of 2004 I came to Sarasota Florida to accept my appointment as Parochial Vicar of St. Martha’s Catholic Church.  At Sarasota I came to appreciate not only the warmth of a beautiful state, but also the warm friendship of American people.

After serving at St. Martha’s in Sarasota I was asked by my superiors to go to Detroit, MI.  It was not a punishment to move from a warm climate to a colder climate, but a call to serve the need that was there.  I was appointed as an associate pastor at St. John Newmann in Canton.  I began to adjust to the cold climate and the hospitality of wonderful parishioners. I have served for some years as Pastor at St. Priscilla Catholic Church in Livonia, Michegan - a church with a tradition of Eucharistic Adoration. (Taken from the website of Saint Priscilla)
Rejoice in the mission of Christ
Compassion and courageous love
Sitting at the feet of Jesus
Be persistent in your pursuit of God
Growing in gratitude and generosity
God calls us to greater love
Living and loving as Jesus did
Entering the Kingdom of God
Opportunities to serve others
Building a tower, stone upon stone
Each of us is the lost sheep
Taking stock of our lives
The abundance of His graces
Faith, and the good we do, is a gift
Count your blessings
Being persistent in our prayer
Will we humble ourselves?
Seeing Jesus today
Asking honest, deeper questions
Hope, perseverance and trust
Bringing new life to the world around us
Praying for the grace to stay alert!
To stoop is the mark of humility
God recognises our desire to see
Are we ready to accept God's Grace?
Allowing God to enter our lives
Reflecting on families
ANNOUNCEMENT: 14th May 2020

Fr. Theo D’Cunha, SAC, after prayerful consideration has decided to take up a new assignment in India this Summer. His last day as Pastor of Saint Ignatius Parish is 30th June 2020.

Fr. Naveen D’Souza, SAC, with the concurrence of his provincial, Very Reverend Valerian Charles Fernandes, SAC, is appointed administrator of St. Ignatius Parish, Grand Cayman, by Most Reverend Allen Vigneron, Archbishop of Detroit, with effect 1st July 2020.
28th June 2020
Dear Parishioners,

There is an old saying: “We meet to part and we part to meet.” This will be my last weekend as your Pastor at St. Igna-tius Parish. Man proposes but God disposes, and that is what happened with me.

I came to the Cayman Islands to take responsibility as Pastor of St. Ignatius Parish, but I feel that God has different plans for me. With prayerful reflections I decided to return back to India after serving the people of the USA for 16 long years.

It is at the end of this phase of my journey that I could serve you, my beloved parishioners, for a very short time, just one year, including three months of lockdown due to COVID-19.
In this short time I experienced your great love, friendship and appreciation for all that I could do.

  • I take this opportunity to thank Fr. Naveen D’Souza, our Associate Pastor, for his great support, love, and companionship.
  • I thank all the Pastoral staff: Deacon Joe Biggs, May Ursua, O’Neil Miller, Jeremy Rice, Jerry Gracias, and Sambasivam Dhanasekar for all their help and encouragement.
  • I also thank the Parish Council and various committees of St. Ignatius Parish, who always stood by me. I will always treasure your great love and friendship.
  • I would like to thank the staff of St. Ignatius Catholic School, the parents, and of course, the students. It was most encouraging to celebrate Mass for the little ones. I always looked forward to celebrating the School Masses on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

One of my favourite memories of St. Ignatius will always be the way that we celebrated the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in September with the beautiful procession. I pray that you will continue to celebrate the Blessed Mother’s birthday in this way in the future.

How can I forget my friends at Christ the Redeemer, West Bay? Celebrating Mass with you all was something special. Keep up the good work! Flying to Cayman Brac to celebrate Mass at Stella Maris was another adven-ture. Though a small community, you are lovely people and I will miss you all.
Finally, I thank each and every one of you from the depths of my heart. I thank you for all that you have been to me. In each of you I found the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. May God be your reward for all that you have done for me.

As we continue to walk the journey of our faith, may we never fail to love one another. May almighty God, who is the sower of all happiness and hope, continue to guide you. May our Blessed Mother Mary protect you. Until we meet again, be assured of my prayers for you and please remember to pray for me.

Although my time as Pastor has officially come to an end, I will be here in Cayman and I will continue to serve the Parish until I am able to travel when the international flights resume.

Love you all. Adios!
Fr. Theo, SAC

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