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Maria Esperanza's visit to Grand Cayman

The Betania Group
The Visit of Maria Esperanza to Grand Cayman
     Sharing with our Family in a Community of Love

CAYMAN ISLANDS, B.W.I., JUNE 6, 1998.- In this mission, Mrs. Maria Esperanza de Bianchini was accompanied by her husband, two of her daughters and by ten companions.
The opening ceremony took place in Saint Ignatius Catholic Church, first by praying the Rosary, and then with Holy Mass celebrated by Monsignor John Meaney and by the Parish Priest, Father Devon Nash. After Holy Mass, Father Nash introduced Mrs. Maria Esperanza who gave her first speech in which she stressed several issues, especially the issue of  Sharing with our Family in a Community of Love.

In the first place, she pointed out the importance of Jesus “…exposed in the Tabernacle Who has fed us all tonight…” and that food should be “… our nourishment for tonight, for tomorrow, for the days to come, forever; because the Body of Christ strengthens us, fills us with love, with faith, with hope and with charity.”
She invites us to: “Love one another, brothers and sisters, for we all are brothers and sisters. How? Through the Mystical Body of Jesus which is the Consecrated Host, and through the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, the Blessed Wine.”
Mrs. Maria Esperanza called us to fulfill “…our duties with our children, in our work, in our ventures, in our daily chores…” but she especially called us to “…follow our children closely (…). We have to gather our children (…) let us follow them, let us lead them by the hand (…) we have to withdraw into ourselves, unite positive forces to attract them.  They should not be distracted in things that could harm their soul, their heart, their mind.”
She explained, life was fashioned by long and short roads, and she invites us to take the “short road” so our children will not suffer and may “…be willing to lead an authentic Christian life.”  Stressing upon the issue of  children, she exhorted them to follow that road “…when they were older, when they were men and women who could give of themselves their contribution to the life of the world, to their brothers (…) very well,  they may leave; but those who have not reached a mature age, a just age, must think that, ‘My parents are the greatest thing I have.’  Do not leave them (…) Fathers and Mothers, love your children. My children, my little ones, love your parents.  The Family should live in a community, in a community of love…”
In addition, she asserted that the family should “… live with great charity, a great desire of living the Gospels”, but especially with the intention of “…looking for our brothers, regardless of where they come from or how they come (…) because we all have the right to Evangelize” and this is the greatest contribution we can offer to our Mother Church.  Therefore, she said, “It is the time of the awakening of consciences, of giving our spiritual contribution to the Church, the Mother Church and to our Pontiff, John Paul II (…)  Love that Church for she is our shelter in sickness (…) because she helps us to face those difficult times; for that Church is the driving force which moves everything, which appraises our faith, which reaffirms our footsteps, which truly teaches us how to live as brothers and sisters, which gives us the light, and our heart receives the love of Mary, the love of Jesus.”
Mrs. Maria Esperanza concluded with a number of goals that we should promise ourselves. “To edify a temple in our hearts (…); to fulfill the Commandments of the Law of God (…); to open our heart to our brothers (…); to invoke our Lord with much humility; to pray for all our brothers and sisters, for the most in need (…); to be joyful, not to be sad; to be fair and merciful; to try and get together in our homes once a week, either Saturday or Sunday, whenever we can, so the family may come together and each one can talk about what he or she thinks and feels”; and finally, “to raise our eyes, praising the Lord, telling him,”
Father, I raise my eyes into heaven and do nothing but look at You and feel Your presence here among us.  In this new day of Your dawn, we consecrate ourselves to You in Jesus, Mary and Joseph of Nazareth, glory of the Trinity in Heaven, Father, Son and comforting Holy Spirit.  Watch over your great family, mankind; man, woman and child. Bless us.  Amen."
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