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14. Slow and Steady in the 60's - Walkers Road property is purchased

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1960s This decade was summarised in the Oct/Nov 1971 Northwester magazine column on religion, probably written after an interview with Father X. Sargeant SJ, then pastor. The article stated: "Father Jackmaugh became the first resident priest and during his four-year stay he  constructed the church. His successor, Father Ball, put the final touches to the building and considerably reduced the outstanding debts, but it was Father Jurewitch [sic] who made the final payment during his three-year term of office."
Around 1967, Government wanted to extend the police station and expressed interest in purchasing an odd-shaped strip of land that was part of the  church property backing onto government property. A negotiating team included Father Sarjeant and the financial secretary of the Archdiocese –  Father John A. Meaney. Money from the sale enabled the church to buy eight  and a half acre of land along Walkers Road, with enough left over to start building a school.

Father Sarjeant, now celebrating Mass at St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church in Clearwater, Florida, remembers that not everyone thought selling out was a good idea.
"We were called crazy, even by some of our own church members," he said. "The road to the property ended by the Prep School and the land was pretty wild."
The original altar at St. Ignatius on Shedden Road was built by Arthur Webb of the Webb family.
      Photo courtesy of the Webb family.
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