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19. 1990 to Today (2000) - Growing almost too fast...

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Monsignor Meaney
The decade of the 1990s is marked by phenomenal growth for both the Catholic Church and the Cayman Islands. From about 24,000 people in 1989, the Cayman Islands population booms to about 44,000 by the end of the decade.

The St. Ignatius parish has grown to nearly 800 regular worshippers, and added Christ the Redeemer Church in West Bay with regular Sunday mass.

In addition, the large growth in tourism, with more than 400,000 air arrivals each year, has brought a similar increase in the number of visiting Catholics at Sunday morning Mass.

1991 For the first time in its history, Cayman has two resident priests. Father Devon Nash is assigned by Archbishop Carter to come and assist Monsignor Meaney. [Parish plaque]
1993 Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church on Reverend Blackman Road in West Bay is dedicated by Archbishop Carter. The land had been donated to the Catholic Church over 40 years earlier by Mr. Oscar Webb. [Compass, 14 April 1993] The pastor of St. Ignatius remains responsible for Christ the Redeemer and there is as yet no priest  resident in West Bay.
1994 St. Ignatius High School opens 5 September with 120 students.  [Compass, 6 September 1994]
1998 In February, Deacon Joseph Biggs arrives to assist Father Nash, who is still the parish priest.

On 4 July a reconsecration service is held at Christ the Redeemer Church, following desecration by a person or persons unknown two weeks earlier. Archbishop Carter, now retired, presides. [Compass]   

Also in July, St. Ignatius Parish begins Eucharistic Adoration five days per week.
2000 In February, the Catholic church in Cayman receives its first visit from a representative of the Pope. Archbishop Eugenio Sbarbaro, Papal Nuncio in the Caribbean, tours both Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac in less than 48 hours.
Later in the year, the parish welcomes Father Boniface Orji.
In May, news is received that Cayman is to be made a part of the Archdiocese of Detroit (Michigan, USA) as the Kingston diocese has said it is no longer able to meet the need for priests in its own diocese and those of the ever-growing Cayman Islands.
During the first weekend of July, Adam Cardinal Maida of Detroit visits the parish along with Archbishop Edgerton Clarke of Kingston. While not official, it is understood that the transfer will probably take place by the end of the year.
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