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22. The links with the diocese in Jamaica end after 50 years

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From humble beginnings where five people at mass being held on someone’s patio would be a good turnout, the Catholic Church in the Cayman Islands has grown to be a strong and vibrant church with more than 500 members and nearly 1,000 worshippers.

From a time in the Cayman Islands when the very few Catholics found were sometimes divided by colour, and anti-Catholic feelings were not uncommon from other denominations, today our congregation boasts a generous and harmonious mix of nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and complexions, all united in their love of Christ and Catholicism. One would be hard-pressed to find a more diversified Catholic Church congregation anywhere in the world!

The St. Ignatius Catholic Church is truly a celebration of the Brotherhood of All Men that Christ, our Lord, preached 2000 years ago.

Sadly, some people have said that St. Ignatius is a victim of our own success. Because we have grown into two churches (George Town and West Bay) with services on Cayman Brac and a third church on the horizon for the Eastern Districts, we need more priests and resources.

Regretably, this means the end of 50 years with the Catholic Church in Jamaica as that diocese can no longer supply enough priests for our needs. We will be saying goodbye to Father Nash and Deacon Joseph, who will be returning to Jamaica when our transfer to the Detroit Diocese is complete.

The future looks bright for St. Ignatius and the Catholic Church in the Cayman Islands. We shall continue to grow, never losing sight of our Caribbean origins and traditions that have been brought to St. Ignatius, but always looking to a brighter future in the Church with Jesus.

We are all united in Him.
Father Nash and altar boys finishing a Sunday Morning Mass in August, 2000.
The current St. Ignatius Catholic Church is surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees, a far cry from the lone house on Shedden Road in 1957.
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