7. A message from the Minister of Community Development - Saint Ignatius Parish


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7. A message from the Minister of Community Development

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It is my pleasure to bring greetings to the Cayman Islands Mission of the Catholic Church on your golden anniversary of service.

On this occasion I share the gratitude of the people for the contributions over the past five decades of your pastors, the Nuns of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters, and your parishioners. The pastoral services and corporal works of mercy to the community that you have provided have impacted significantly upon the lives of residents.
Today, the church has evolved into a dynamic cultural community, which is reflected in the number and diversity of services to the elderly, the needy, and also, in recent years, ministering to Catholics on Cayman Brac on a fairly regular basis.

Your presence in the Cayman Islands has coincided with an epic transformation of our entire way of life since 1950. At that time there were about 8,000 people in the Cayman Islands, and no telephones or computers, and no tourism or financial industries.

Indeed, the first Catholic Church was located in the centre of George Town, on a site which is now a major financial complex.

As was so often the case in the early years, churches also took the lead in the education of our people.
Julianna O’Connor-Connolly
Minister for Youth, Community Development, Sports, Woman’s Affairs and Culture for the Cayman Islands Government.

The St. Ignatius Catholic School is today well-regarded for offering spiritual guidance, discipline and a well-rounded education to students.

It was my pleasure to hear of and offer my support for the multi-denominational ecumenical service which was held on New Year’s eve to signal our transition into a new millennium, and at which the Catholic Church was represented.

With this foundation of Godly service and standards of excellence, the Catholic Church should continue to progress in a most positive manner, and I offer my continued support and gratitude for your future endeavours.
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