2010-2011 - Construction and consecration of Stella Maris Church - Saint Ignatius Parish


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2010-2011 - Construction and consecration of Stella Maris Church

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To the Virgin Mary, "The Star of the Sea"
Written at sea, on board the ship Santo Antonio
John Leyden 1775-1811

Star of the wide and pathless sea,
Who lovest on mariners to shine,
These votive garments, wet to thee
We hang, within thy holy shrine;
When o'er us flashed the surging brine,
Amid the warring waters tost,
We called no other name but thine,
And hoped when other hope was lost.

Ave Maris Stella!

Star of the vast and howling main,
When dark and lone is all the sky,
And mountain-waves o'er Ocean's plain,
Erect their stormy heads on high:
When virgins for their true loves sigh,
They raise their weeping eyes to thee;
The Star of Ocean heeds their cry,
and saves the foundering bark at sea.

Ave Maris Stella!

Star of the dark and stormy sea,
When wrecking tempests round us rave,
Thy gentle virgin form we see
Bright rising o'er the hoary wave.
The howling storm that seems to crave
Their victims, sink in music sweet;
The surging seas receed to pave
The path beneath thy glistening feet.

Ave Maris Stella!

Star of the desert waters wild,
Who pitying hears a seaman's cry,
The God of mercy, as a child,
On that chaste bosom loves to lie;
While soft the chorus of the sky
Their hymns of tender mercy sing,
And angel voices name on high,
The mother of the heavenly King

Ave Maris Stella!

Star of the deep! at that blest name
The waves sleep silent round the keel,
The tempest wild their fury tame
That made the deep's foundation reel:
The soft celestial accesnts steal
So soothing through the realms of wo,
The newly damned a respite feel
From torture, in the depths below.

Ave Maris Stella!

Star of the mild and placid seas,
Whom rainbow rays of mercy crown,
Whose name thy faithful Portuguese,
O'er all that to the depths go down,
With hymns of grateful transport own:
When gathering clouds obscure their light,
And heaven assumes an awful frown,
The Star of Ocean glitters bright.

Ave Maris Stella!

The Construction of Stella Maris Church, Cayman Brac
Pictures taken during 2010
The Consecration of Stella Maris Church, Cayman Brac
5th February 2011

From the Paulpit - February 6, 2011

This is most definitely an exciting weekend as the Archbishop is here for the dedication, celebrating Mass for the first time in our newly built church in Cayman Brac. This is a proud moment and a testament to the vibrancy of the faith of the Catholic community here in Cayman.

One of the interesting things about dedicating an altar in a new church is that the altar is given a relic of a saint to be placed inside of it. The relic that we are placing inside of this altar is a part of a vertebrae of St. Theophilus. This relic was graciously supplied to us by the Archdiocese of Detroit. Ian (Damian) Lambert did some research on St. Theophilus and this is what was found:

First, there are a number of saints whose names are Theophilus, at least sixteen to be precise. So which one is it? Well, we can’t be completely sure, but the one we are going with is the one who was a lawyer in the early fourth century. Before his conversion, Theophilus taunted St. Dorothy on her way to her execution (which took place in the winter), telling her to send roses or apples “from the garden of her spouse”. Before Dorothy was executed, an angel in the form of a child appeared with a basket of roses and apples and Dorothy sent the child with the basket to Theophilus. Upon receiving these gifts, he realized their divine origin and was converted to the Christian faith, eventually himself becoming a martyr. Both St. Dorothy and St. Theophilus were martyred in Cappadocia in modern day Turkey.

The feast day of St. Dorothy and this St. Theophilus is February 6th. The consecration Mass for our new Stella Maris Church is due to begin at 4 pm on Saturday the 5th of February, and so can be counted as a vigil Mass for the 6th. How fitting then that we have this relic to place in our altar.

We are so grateful to now have this church on Cayman Brac. Thank you to everyone who made this all possible through the donation of their time, treasure and talent. Through the intercession of Mary our Mother, may God bless this church now and always so that many more people throughout the generations may come to know the saving love of Jesus Christ our Lord.

God Bless,
Fr. Paul Ballien
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