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Saint Ignatius Vocations Chalice

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To encourage family prayer for vocations we are introducing the St. Ignatius Vocations Chalice. It will be easy to participate in the program. Each week a family will accept the responsibility to pray for Vocations, by accepting our St. Ignatius Vocations Chalice and by placing it in a prominent place of honour in their home, preferably on a home altar, on a table or display area where it can be seen all week, particularly at the family meal.

Each family will be provided with the suitable Prayers for Vocation, which they can pray before meals. They may also wish to spend some time talking about vocations, about the need for spiritual leaders in the Church, about ways they can affirm our priests and religious brothers and sisters in their vocations, and other related topics.

The St. Ignatius Vocations Chalice will circulate each week to a new HOST FAMILY with the hope that the practice of family prayer will spread throughout the Parish. This program is a true response to Christ’s call, “Pray the Lord of the Harvest that there be labourers for the vineyard.
The programme is an initiative of the St. Ignatius' Evangelisation and Education groups. Here's how it works:

  • Sign up by completing the form on the right of this page. Note that families include single person households.
  • Your family will be contacted with the week you’re assigned and to confirm the Mass you will attend.
  • At Mass, the priest will invite your family to come forward while we pray the Prayer for Vocations.
  • The St. Ignatius Vocations Chalice will then be presented to your family by the Priest.
  • Your family will pray at home with the St. Ignatius Vocations Chalice each day of the week.
  • The St. Ignatius Vocations Chalice is returned on the Friday evening or Saturday morning, of that week, to the St. Ignatius Church and placed on the Credence Table (side table) in the Sanctuary.
  • A new family is presented with the St. Ignatius Vocations Chalice at one of the weekend Masses.





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Sunday 8:00 am
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