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Saint Ignatius Parish - Women's League

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Developing True Christian Spirit

Benedicta Connolly

Alexis Nunez
The League meets every fourth Sunday of the month after the 8:30 a.m. Mass at St. Ignatius Church.
The Catholic Women's League is a fellowship of women within the Catholic Church in the Cayman Islands seeking to serve God and to help one another in facing the problems of daily life and to develop a true and Christian spirit in themselves, in the home, Church and community. The Catholic Women's League is the officially recognised Women's Organisation established in the Churches of the Archdiocese.
The aim of the Catholic Women's League is to assist members in the development of the true Christian spirit in themselves, in the home, Church and community:

  • IN THEMSELVES: By taking steps to deepen their worship of Almighty God through personal, family and liturgical prayer; by acquiring a wider knowledge of Catholic principles; and by endeavouring to apply them in their respective states of life.
  • IN THE HOME: as wives, to be one in love with their husbands as Christ is one with His Church; as parents, by word and example to teach their children love of Christ and the Church; as family, to promote Christian family in their homes by fostering the Catholic teaching on marriage, the home, the family and education, and by striving with both diligence and prudence to put this teaching into practice.
  • IN CHURCH AND COMMUNITY: by accepting their responsibilities as members of the Church as as citizens in assiduously making themselves familiar with the Catholic teaching and principles relating to their role in the Church and social life in all its phases, particularly in concern for the needy and encouraging Christian family life, in promoting and safe-guarding Catholic rights and interests in a special way, and in organising whatever appropriate action may be deemed desirable as and when the need arises and to further all spiritual and material undertakings which may be recommended to the League by the Archbishop and the Pastor.
  • Visiting the sick in hospital and at home.  
  • Annual food drive for needy in the parish and the wider community.  
  • Assistance to parishioners financial and otherwise whenever the need arises and whenever requests are made through the Pastor or individual league members.  
  • Assistance to Missionaries of the Poor and the Cayman Aids Foundation.  
  • Provide resource materials for Sunday School.  
  • Assist with beautification projects e.g. refurbishing the breezeway and flowers.  
  • Assist generally with all matters relating to the parish.   Plan all major receptions and dinners in the parish e.g. the Christmas dinner.  
  • To support and fund the above activities, an annual BBQ and occasional bake sales are held.
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